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  • Nutleys Kitchen Garden

    Nutleys Kitchen Gardens - digital communications woodingdean, brighton
    Nutleys Kitchen Gardens is a successful e-commerce site selling beautiful garden and kitchen products 'From seed to table and everything in between'. Frank! are working with Nutleys managing their content marketing, newsletters, promotional e-mails and search engine optimisation. We have also updated the look and feel of their website to better reflect their personality and to ensure that calls to action and key information are given the priority they need. If you’d like to find out more about our approach to content marketing please contact [email protected]
  • Woodingdean In Business

    Woodingdean In Business - digital communications woodingdean
    We set up to do two things; to give local businesses an opportunity to promote themselves to local people (and beyond) and to raise money for the Martlets hospice in Brighton & Hove. 16 months in and we have a site we are really proud of. One that brings the local business community and the residents of Woodingdean together. One that shows Woodingdean as being a vibrant and interesting place to live and work and a template that can be replicated nationally to raise money for hospices everywhere. We have also worked our content marketing magic on Woodingdean in business moving the site up to page 1 of google for 'Woodingdean'.
  • PAV IT

    PAV IT - digital communications brighton
    PAV is an IT solutions provider that was looking to target small and medium sized businesses that needed a secure and robust data storage system — we worked with their sales team to develop their first promotional e-mail.
  • Un-Networking

    Un-Networking - communications woodingdean, brighton
    The Un-networking salon is 'a chance to network without the networking and the site we produced is simple and effective - totally in keeping with the ethos of un-networking. Users can find out about the salon, register to attend an event or simply get in touch with the founders. It doesn't dance or sing – but the founders would be happy to if you asked them nicely!
  • Cold Alert

    Cold Alert - communications brighton
    The coldAlert website is being developed by Kings College London who manage the data that sends out the alerts. The site needs to give out key information and it was our job to make sure that this was easy to access and intuitive to use.
  • EV

    EV - communications woodingdean
    The EV (Electric Vehicle) South East Network Partnership is a public/private partnership promoting and supporting public accessible electric vehicle charging points in the South East of England.
    The partnership is lead by Lewes Council and our role was to develop a low-cost way of giving the partnership a presence and some genuinely useful information to EV users.
  • Talk to me I can help

    Talk To Me I Can Help - digital brighton
    We have been working with Sussex Police promoting their neighbourhood policing teams. The campaign 'Talk to me I can help' is the umbrella brand under which a number of other initiatives sit. The website is a portal site, directing users directly to relevant pages of the Sussex Police website ( and giving up-to-date contact details and news (via a twitter feed) to users. The layout and tone is simple and direct, users are not meant to 'hang around' in this space but use it to find the information the need.
  • Robin Watts Project Management

    Robin Watts Project Management - digital woodingdean, brighton
    Robin Watts is an experienced Project Manager who provides coaching and mentoring to project directors, managers and team members. He needed a site that clearly communicated the services he provides and gives a feel for the personality he brings to the role.
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