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What is digital communication? There are loads of ways we communicate digitally, let's count the ways...

twitter, facebook, linkedin, promotional e-mails, transactional e-mails, WAYN, websites, blogsites and the list is always growing and changing.

Here at Frank! our Content Marketing service makes sure that your message is consistent, interesting, and relevant to your customers across all digital media, always. We take a content-lead approach to search engine optimisation - and it works.

We cannot over emphasise the importance of getting it right not just the first time, but every time.

Our motto with all things digital is - 'just because people think it's free, you should never underestimate its power and value'.

You can follow us on twitter @frank_ontheweb if you like, email us at [email protected] – or just pick up the phone, dial 01273 670 100, and start communicating.